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Our Story

Established in Stamford, CT in 1998. Sandoval's Landscaping & Masonry, Inc. is an established family-owned business., providing landscaping services in Fairfield and Westchester County. With many years of expertise and training, we are capable of bringing any creative endeavor to life.

Our experience and dedication have made us local leaders in the industry. We offer services ranging from property maintenance to landscape and masonry installation.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our company prides itself on having high quality workmanship and top tier customer service. We believe that these are the qualities that have earned us the trust and support of countless clients. 

Like any other work of art, landscaping and masonry requires time, commitment, and patience. Incorporating all of these of elements together, Sandoval's Landscaping & Masonry, Inc., fosters all kinds of unique designs to help create beautiful works of art. 


Our Process

Our process revolves around three concepts: quality, communication, and professionalism. 


Whether you are looking to make a design come to life or need a consultation, we make it our priority to understand the full scope of the clients dream project. 

During our site visit, we will evaluate the property and provide our advice and consultation to ensure that your dream project can become a reality. 


After meeting the client, visiting the site, and understanding the scope of the project, our team will sit down and work to provide the most accurate and fair pricing. 

Our prices reflect the quality of work and the professional and dedication of our team.



We believe communication is the most important aspect of a project. The client should be involved in 100% of the building process in order to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Communication allows for us to better understand the our clients tastes and preferences.


As the contractor it is our responsibility to pay close attention to detail in everything that we do, Whether it is getting the right elevation, providing the proper drainage, or ensuring that we are following all safety regulations, attention to detail is one of our top priorities.


Before we say a project is 100% complete, we ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the quality and of our work.

After a job is complete, we hope to have created both a sense of trust and fulfillment between the client and ourselves that will last for years to come. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. It is our guarantee that our clients will be 100% satisfied at the time of project completion. Our prices and our team reflect the quality of our work. 


64 Sunnyside Avenue

Stamford, CT 06902





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